Yoga Lifestyle


Components of a Yoga Lifestyle

Elements that make up a total yogic path and complement a yogic lifestyle include:

  • How we eat
  • How we conduct ourselves
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Positive thinking
  • Music
  • Yoga retreats

The Three Yoga Bodies

The yoga lifestyle can be summed up by the following famous quotation:

“When you do something, do it with one hundred percent of the mind. Don’t do it half way. Whatever you do, do it with full concentration. That is Yoga.” (Swami Satchidananda)

Furthermore, a yoga lifestyle addresses all three “yoga bodies”:

Physical Body: Bringing the body under the control of the mind and optimizing health

Astral Body: Includes the mental sheath where one experiences emotions; the pranic sheath where one experiences sensation; the intellectual sheath which guides the automatic mind in decision-making

Casual Body: The seed of the self (karana sharira), or a combination of the physical body and the astral body

Yoga Lifestyle Social Code of Conduct

Adhering to a yoga lifestyle means following certain values and principles and a social code of conduct outlined in the Yoga Sutras called the five YAMAS:

  • Ahisma: Non-violence towards yourself and others
  • Satya: Speaking the truth/truthfulness; considering the consequences of what you say and do before you speak or act
  • Asteya: ‘Do not steal.’ Taking only what you need; using what you have to help others; not coveting what others have and not obstructing others from achieving their desires
  • Brahmacharya: Faithfulness or remaining committed to your relationships, principles, promises, and commitments
  • Aparigraha: The attribute of non-greed or non-possessiveness; simplicity and minimalism; the practice of taking only what is needed to maintain the yoga lifestyle

Yoga Lifestyle Attitudes for Right Living

The Yoga Sutras outline four attitudes for right living:

  • Maitri-sukha: Friendliness
  • Karuna-dukha: Compassion
  • Mudita-punya: Cheerfulness
  • Upeksha-apunya: Indifference towards the wicked

Entering the Yoga Lifestyle

Yoga is a way of life. Each person’s yoga pathway is constantly evolving, changing as their relationship with themselves and with the world around them changes. Entering the yoga lifestyle means committing to living life fully and to performing actions mindfully. It means adopting a non-judgmental stance and being open to letting go of the ego and embracing a spiritual journey.