Tantric Massage


Tantric Massage Session

Every tantric session is unique, individualized and personalized for each client. By awakening the body’s energy centers or chakras, a tantra massage therapist – also called a tantrica or goddess – aims to arouse the sleeping Kundalini from its resting state. Sessions typically begin with relaxation techniques, followed by chakra energy building methods, and culminating with Kundalini arousal.

During the session clients are naked while their full body, including sensitive areas, is gently massaged using warm, aromatic oils. Gradually, the senses are awakened, the body’s sensitivity increases, and energy flow is stimulated. While clients remain fully awake, they experience a sense of deep relaxation, joy, and fulfillment. Clients typically feel pampered and comforted, with some describing the experience as walking on clouds.

Tantra Massage Benefits

Tantra massages are very intimate and emotional, with sexual arousal a major impact. Yet tantric massage has many other benefits as well, including:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Alleviation of emotional fear and guilt
  • Heightened sense of personal empowerment
  • Sense of fulfillment
  • Stimulation of one’s innate sensual spirituality

Tantra Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques called pranayamas are used throughout a tantric massage. Pranayamas allow energy to actively move from one part of the body to another, offering clients an opportunity to feel in control and to exercise self-discipline during an arousal.

Tantra breathing further enhances the experience, with recipients feeling as if time stops and that they are in a blissful trance wherein their worries and problems disappear and physical barriers melt away.