What is SoulCycle? Described as the latest indoor cycling craze, the ultimate spinning workout, an extreme alternative-style spin class, and a “full-body indoor cycling workout that started a movement,” SoulCycle has taken the world of fitness by storm. Revolutionizing indoor cycling, it promises you can “change your body” and “find your soul” in 45 minutes.

SoulCycle History

Founded by Elizabeth Cutler, Julie Rice, and Ruth Zukerman in 2006, SoulCycle’s first studio was located in New York’s Upper West Side. With the goal of turning a regular spin class into an ‘experience,’ the extreme cardio workout takes place to the tune of loud music, candles, and bicycles said to burn up to 700 calories per session.

SoulCycle was since acquired by Equinox Fitness in 2011 and has become the favorite exercise class for spinning enthusiasts and many A-list celebrities. There are now more than 30 SoulCycle locations across the U.S., offering classes to all age groups. An estimated 20,000 people participate in SoulCycle weekly, with an estimated 440,000 dedicated participants overall.

SoulCycle: Indoor Cycling Reinvented

A typical SoulCycle experience includes:

  • Full-body workout
  • Intensive cardio exercise
  • Rocking music
  • Candlelight
  • Custom bikes
  • Clip-in cycling shoes
  • Inspirational instructors
  • Community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts
  • Party feeling
  • High-energy, motivating atmosphere

SoulCycle Classes and Participants

Famous celebrities who are singing the praises of SoulCycle and have joined the cardio cult include: Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Tom Cruise, Chelsea Clinton, Lady Gaga, Katie Holmes, and more.

Offering a new take on an old workout, SoulCycle is also attracting the masses with its holistic mind-body-spirit approach. And while the experience is far from a free ride with bikers paying the price in sweat, burning muscles, and hovering over the bike rather than sitting on it for most of the time, everyone walks away feeling better about themselves – and then they come back for more.