Oncology Massage


Safety of Oncology Massage for Cancer Patients

Oncology massage joins the ranks of other touch therapies which have been deemed safe for people with cancer, including Reiki, Swedish massage, Shiatsu, and fascial release techniques. To ensure each client’s safety, oncology massage therapists pay special attention to the amount of pressure, the length of the session, positioning of the patient, and avoiding certain areas of the body. Oncology massage treatments are applicable in the immediate stages of recovery and beyond, with bodywork that is undemanding, supportive, and soothing. As patients gradually regain their lost energy, massage sessions can help improve their function through range of motion techniques and re-establishing body image.

Oncology Massage: Complimentary Therapy in Cancer Care

Massage is steadily gaining steam as an acceptable, safe, complimentary therapy in oncology clinics, cancer wellness centers, hospitals, and hospices. Well-established institutions and treatment facilities now offer a variety of bodywork services for their cancer patients, including oncology massage.

If you have cancer and have checked with your doctor, you might want to consider an oncology massage and to add touch therapy to your cancer care.