What is Jazzercize? Founded by professional jazz dancer Judy Sheppard Missett in 1969, jazzercise is one of the oldest and most successful dance-based fitness class. It combines jazz dance moves, cardio, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, and kickboxing, all the tune of popular music. Since its founding, Jazzercise has become an international hit with classes available in over 32 countries. The original goals of the program, however, remain the same: A fun and dynamic workout which incorporates simple choreography and makes people feel good.

Jazzercise Choreography

Every 10 weeks, Jazzercize instructors receive a new DVD with approved choreography and new songs. The routines are built upon basic jazz dance moves to which area added high-cardio, low-impact, toning, and weight-training exercises. There are Jazz Exercise classes for all ages and levels.

Jazzercise New Formats

Over the years, Jazzercise has enjoyed massive expansion and popularity. It has continued to evolve over the years to incorporate current best practices in fitness and to update its music and moves. As of 2014, the following formats have been added to the classic Jazzercise:

  • Dance Mixx, with a focus on strength training
  • Core, with a focus on core-crunching cardio
  • Lo, a workout without jumping and easy on the joints
  • Strike, focusing on muscle development and featuring jabs and kicks
  • Express, a 30-minute power workout
  • Lite, adds meditative element to classic Jazzercise
  • Fusion, combining dance aerobics with strength training

Jazzercise Brand

Not only have the dance and exercise moves been updated, but the original headbands and spandex of earlier years has been replaced with new colors, new lines of fitness apparel, a new logo, and new taglines to attract women on their fitness journey. The Jazzercise brand is reported to gross more than $96 million annually, ranks in the top five on MSNBC’s list of proven franchises that provide growth opportunity, and is ranked among the top fitness franchises in the world on Entrepreneur Franchise’s 500 list.

Jazzercise Classes and Instructors

Nationwide and countrywide, over 32,000 Jazzercise classes take place weekly, led by an estimated 7,800 certified Jazzercise instructors. There are also regular live taped sessions available for viewing. An interesting fact about Jazzercise classes is that they do include mirrors so that participants do not compare themselves to others and are able enjoy the experience of staying in the moment. In addition, Jazzercise dance moves can be learned online via its website, allowing participants to practice in the privacy of their own home.