Distant Healing


How Distant Healing Works

Similar to the physical body which takes in food for nourishment, the energy body takes in energy via the aura, which is broken down by the chakras and distributed throughout the body via the meridians. Moreover, energy vibrates at different speeds or frequencies, creating a field of pulsations or vibrations which can be sensed, perceived, or felt through touch. The body, mind, emotions, and spirit each vibrate at particular frequencies or speeds.

Energy Layers: The Four Layers of Being

There are four energy layers, each of which has its own individual function but which also interconnects with the others. In turn, the energy fields or “four levels of being” correspond to one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self:

  • Etheric Field: The energy “duplicate” of the physical body, located ¼ inch to 2 inches from the body
  • Emotional Field: Extends 1-3 inches beyond the physical body; where one experiences feelings
  • Mental Field: Comprised of thoughts and mental processes; can be perceived 3-8 inches from the body
  • Spiritual Field: Activated when one meditates or prays, this field is comprised of four or more layers and extends 6 inches to 2 feet beyond the physical body; relates to one’s higher self and spiritual dimensions

Long Distance Healers

Transcending time and space, distance healers or bio-energy healers bring to mind the intent to heal. Perceiving energetic information from the ‘double’ of the recipient’s  physical body, distant healers help cleanse, balance, normalize, provide relief, and heal numerous conditions, including pain, high blood pressure, stress, headaches, and more. In turn, balance and vital energy are brought to the physical body and depleted energy levels are restored.

Benefits of Remote Healing

Some of the benefits of remote, energy-based healing include:

  • Proven powerful form of healing for the mind, body, and spirit
  • No need to travel or leave one’s home
  • Choice of a distance healer from anywhere in the world
  • Healing can take place anytime, anywhere
  • Ideal for people who cannot tolerate or are sensitive to being touched
  • Strong element of privacy
  • Proven effectiveness in treating ‘invisible’ or inexplicable illnesses/imbalances
  • Brings balance and vital energy to the physical body
  • Restores depleted energy levels

Types of Energy Healing

Types of energy-based therapies conducted over long distance include:

  • Reiki
  • Quantum Touch
  • AmaDeus
  • Tong Ren
  • Chios Energy Healing

Since energy is not restricted by time or space, anyone can benefit from distant healing.