Crystal Healing


What is Crystal Healing? Crystal healing or crystal therapy is a holistic treatment involving the placement of crystals or gemstones on and around the body. An ancient practice, crystals have been used for millennia for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Based on the premise that each type of crystal has a unique magnetic charge, crystal healing uses these healing vibrations to interact with the body’s energy system, remove blockages, restore balance, and stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities.

Laying on of Stones and Crystal Healing Techniques

The technique of placing gemstones on the recipient’s body is also known as “laying on of stones.” However, the crystals can also be worn, can hover or be swept above the body, can be placed around the room, or techniques such as crystal pendulum healing and crystal wand healing can be utilized. Finally, the gemstones can be placed in a healing layout.

Benefits of Crystal Healing

Some of the positive effects of crystal therapy include:

• Increases feeling of well-being
• Emotional release
• Reduced mental stress
• Relaxation
• Neutralizes negativity
• Lifts depression
• Calms the nervous system
• Harmonizes the body, mind. emotions and spirit
• Clears and balances the chakra system
• Promote peace and tranquility

How Crystal Therapy Works

In crystal healing, the crystal therapist carefully selects a crystal which resonates at a certain frequency, giving it its healing power. The selected crystal is then placed on or near different areas of the body in a grid-like fashion to stimulate energy. So too, crystal colors may be chosen to correspond with the colors of different energy points on the body.
Conditions Treated by Crystal Healing
Crystal healing has been used to alleviate and heal conditions such as:
• Headaches
• Sleeping Difficulties
• Restlessness
• Nightmares
• Anxiety
• Lack of energy
• Energy blockages
• Lack of motivation
• Lack of libido
• Problems with concentration
• Memory difficulties
• Poor mental focus
• Depression
• Endocrine Imbalances
• Emotional highs and lows
• Negative state of mind

Finding a Crystal Therapist

A qualified crystal therapist should have appropriate training and experience and meet eligibility requirements of a professional association such as the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organization (ACHO), the Crystal Therapy Council (CTC), or the General
Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT).