Chiron Therapy


Chiron in Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Chiron was half-man, half-horse, representing the split between the body and mind. Chiron was a healer and teacher whose empathy and ability to heal others was renowned. Himself wounded, the name Chiron means “wounded healer.”

The Chiron approach in psychotherapy is based on the premise that by understanding one’s thoughts and feelings, people can heal, resolve their issues, achieve their goals, and become whole.

Chiron and the Energy System

Chiron therapy is based on a belief in the intricate, interconnected nature of one’s ¬†physical, emotional, and mental functions. Chiron views the mind-body as an energy matrix reflecting one’s life history. It espouses the theory that psychological wounds are carried and remembered in the body and that the activity of the autonomic nervous system is a measure of one’s conscious and unconscious reactions to life experiences.

In its understanding of energy, Chiron healing posits that in addition to the physical body, there is an energy system continually rotating in and around us. Included in this energy system are unresolved thoughts and emotions, as well as past and present experiences.

Goals of Chiron Healing

In the practice of Chiron psychotherapy, the therapist is able to intuitively sense physiological patterns in a person’s energy field. The goal of the therapy is to rebalance the energy system, bringing incomplete experiences to a conclusion and allowing people to move forward in their lives. By moving beyond obstacles and beyond past hurts, tension, doubt, and other negative experiences, Chiron bodywork allows a person to feel a greater sense of freedom, resulting in a more joyful and motivating life.

The Chiron Approach

The Chiron approach is characterized as:

  • Holistic
  • Humanistic
  • Body Oriented
  • Integrative

Important aspects of the technique include:

  • The quality of the therapeutic relationship
  • Therapist’s intuition
  • Bodywork
  • Energy flow
  • Transference and counter-transference
  • Biodynamic psychology
  • Biodynamic massage
  • Gestalt therapy

Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy

In July 2010, the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy closed and was replaced by the Chiron Association for Body Psychotherapists (CABP). It was originally founded in 1983 as the Centre for Holistic Psychotherapy, but changed its name in 1997.