Background to Bakhti


The 6 major branches are:

  1. Hatha – the most well-known out of the six branches of yoga and is known as the yoga of physical processes. Hatha Yoga incorporates breathing techniques, physical poses and meditation.
  2. Bhakti – the path of love for Bhakti is the ultimate goal.
  3. Raja – the path of the mind
  4. Jnana – path of knowledge: encourages the cultivation of wisdom. Wisdom comes from understanding spiritual truths, such as the nature of our souls and the functioning of Creation. With intuitive understanding of reality, one is better equipped to practice all paths to liberation.
  5. Karma – the path of action: It encourages the renunciation of the fruits of one’s action. It inspires us to live in the present moment, as we should. We are responsible for the intention and the action, not the result.
  6. Tantra – is perhaps the most misinterpreted path of all the yoga branches. Its rituals teach students to expand their awareness in everything they do, not only sexuality. A Tantra yoga practitioner’s character must consist of humility, purity, courage, devotion, dispassion, faithfulness, truthfulness, non-covetousness, cosmic love and dedication to his guru.