Aqua Zumba


New in Aqua Fitness

Aqua Zumba is the newest form of aqua fitness and water aerobics, combining traditional water exercises with great Zumba music and upbeat moves. Capitalizing on the weightless nature of the water, Aqua Zumba works every muscle in the body, providing a full-body, low-impact cardiovascular workout.

Aqua Zumba Fitness Classes

Combining the winning formula of traditional Zumba fitness classes with water-based dance exercises and international music beats, Aqua Zumba fitness classes have proven positive results, offering the arms and legs a chance to stretch, push, pull, and get toned. The natural added resistance of the water is great for muscle strengthening and getting fit, while all water exercises feature reduced impact on the legs and feet. Easy on the joints while getting the heart rate up, Aqua Zumba is user friendly and suitable for all fitness levels.

For greater resistance and a more effective workout, try closing your fingers while moving your arms through the water, using a flat, closed palm.

Who Can Benefit from an Aqua Zumba Class?

Anyone who enjoys the water can benefit from an Aqua Zumba class. Like all aqua aerobics, working out in the water is especially appealing if you don’t like to get hot and sweaty and if you are looking for a low-impact, high-energy, effective exercise to include in your fitness routine. Zumba in the water is also perfect for individuals with sore joints or a back injury. Add to this the upbeat party spirit and great musical accompaniment of Aqua Zumba, and you have a winning formula for having fun and getting fit.